Our instructors having fun with their crazy dogs!

The above clip is from YouTube. This is one of our trainers running his

German Shorthaired Pointer.

About Us

Our trainers have many years experience working with dogs. This includes training dogs in the breed ring, dog obedience and of course training and competing in agility!

Not only do our trainers take the time to understand your goals but they also help you to reach them! They have had great success with their own dogs in these competitions but also success with training P3 dogs!

Our instructors are proud to compete to a high level within agility, including running dogs at grade 7, Championship, Crufts, Discover Dogs and Olympia.   Two of our instructors has been judging agility at Kennel Club events for throughout the UK.

P3 are pleased to be a part of The Academy of Dog Trainer and Behaviour and raising the standards of dog training and understanding by working in a positive and reward based way of learning.

We pride ourselves on helping you to get a balanced and happy dog! 

All training is based in Milton Keynes. 

Contact us for more details regarding our training

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