Dog Agility

This is a great sport for both handler and dog! We encourage people to spend the time with their dogs and this includes exercise and what a great way to do both!

Dog Agility is well known for the skill of both the dog and the handler. Working your way through different courses and using only your voice and body language to direct your dog to complete the obstacles in the correct order.

Some of the equipment that is used in agility is:

A Frame

Dog Walk


Long Jump




All of the pieces of equipment are used throughout the lessons and full training is given to you regarding the safety of the equipment and the best way that your dog will understand the commands that you are giving.

The training sessions last for an hour, which gives you many opportunities for you to work on different pieces of the equipment with your dog. The dog training classes are held in Milton Keynes.

With three skilled instructors in each class, you are able to call on their training knowledge and skills to get the best out of your dogs.

Each dog is different, they all learn at their own pace. This is why it is important to tailor the training to each handler and dog to ensure that they are learning at their pace to ensure the dog understands what is being asked of them.

Dog Obedience

All of the obedience is based on a reward system which encourages your dog to work hard as well as having fun!! It is important that we spend the time with our dogs to ensure that we can get the best out of them! We train in Milton Keynes and by working with our dogs, we get the best out of them!!

The classes include, working on the lead, recalls, waits and stays, food manners, games and of course, working as a team!!

We train our dogs in a positive environment, rewarding your dog for the work that they are doing. It is really important that your dog enjoys working for you and also gains an understanding of what is needed.

Dog obedience is a great fun and you get to work with your dog as a team! Our instructors take their time to work with you and any problems your dog may have. Dog behaviour is really important and during the classes we can assess the dogs needs and also our instructors pride themselves on being able to support your training away from the classes as they are only a phone call away for advice and support!

This is a four week obedience course and is held in outside at our agility field just outside Milton Keynes. 

Remember, happy dogs, happy owners!!