Dog Agility Training

Our dog agility training takes place on a Saturdays.  During the summer, we train during the evenings.   To accommodate all, we also have classes on a Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon classes take place at 1pm for beginners and 2pm for advanced.

We will introduce you and your dog to all of the dog agility equipment and how to handle your dog in a safe and fun way. Each piece of dog agility equipment is trained one at a time to ensure that you can train your dog to understand all of the equipment and the commands.

We accommodate for all levels of training and train all of our members at competition levels.

There will also be one to one training agility sessions available during the day in Milton Keynes. Please let us know if this is something that you would be interested in so we can arrange your one to one session.

Please feel free to contact us either via the phone or email [email protected]

This weekends agility training

Amazing training this weekend!  Lots of great skills learnt today and lots of running!  Well done P3 Crew, you guys are totally rocking the training.  #itsallaboutthegame

The show season is here!! For an up to date list of all of the shows, have a look on

Remember, your dog will have to be registered under the Kennel Club for the Kennel Club shows. This can also include being registered on the activity register. Once your dog is registered, you will also need to arrange to have your dog measured to ensure that it is working at the correct height.

Dog Obedience Training

Our obedience courses are held outside at our training venue. During the course you will learn about basic pet obedience as well as social skills and games with other people and other dogs.

Wonderful waits!

P3 Training is fun!!